Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mixed feelings...

This has really been a mixed week..Infact, the past three weeks have been really chaotic and messy..It was mostly due to an abundance of assignments. Every single day was a dateline. And it has turned me into a total freak! The daily routine was completely changed. I could not even get a minute nap! As I was pondering on the reality of student's life, it was undeniably exhausting though to have been through such hard weeks.

This particular week has delivered unwanted news for me; my friends died this week. It happened in just two respective days. Although the two are distance friends, I still felt sorry and sad to have heard such shocking news. There were similarities in both deaths in which I feared the most. They died in different freak accidents at two different places. They also died at such young age of 23 and 22.

On Monday, 12th October 2009, if I'm not mistaken, it was my former teammate in Sanzo Wanderers(previous name for IPIK football club where I played for few games) who died in an accident in Tangkak. He died on the spot! I was shocked to almost to have broken into tears! As the sad and grief are yet to disappear, another shock news rocked my heart. This time it was the death of my ex-schoolmate in Sekolah Menengah Sains Mohomad Jiwa, Sungai Petani. Her name is Fatimatussolihah binti Aziz. She was studying in Chennai, India where the same place the freak accident that cost her life occured! Although, all our lives, we have never ever spoken to each other, we still grew up in the same school for five memorable years. It was still a terrible news to hear. May Allah bless the two of them.

You can read more on it here-

Pelajar perubatan Malaysia terbunuh dalam kemalangan di Chennai

Apart from all sad and unwanted stories, I can now sigh a relief. It is because once I have got the exam slip, it means that this semester is going to end soon. Although ending the semester does not sound too good as there were still more work to be completed, still I just cannot wait for the anticipating break. break for me does not really mean I can relax. Actually, I have planned few projects for this coming break. Such projects really need me to commit myself most of the time. That explains why I have been wanting for it to end soon.

So, that somehow explains the mixed week I meant. I just hope that I will be able to go through the coming weeks with no problems.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our video; Making Sandwich..

Here is a nice instruction video on how to make healthy sandwiches in couples of minutes..enjoy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Barely realize it's coming to an end soon....

I was not shocked to see the last time I wrote an entry was almost a month ago...I have been very busy with a lot of assignments, duties and tasks..Those somehow made me forget to update my blog..However I was at fault because even if I was occupied, I still had time to be active on other social networking sites...

So far we have been occupying ourselves with video editing skills. We were assigned to produce a video of any theme and topic. My partner and I have been working very closely toward completing the video. As the distance matter, therefore we divided the work equally. However, that did not let any of us being left behind and not knowing what happens.

Apart from that, there were couples of Powerpoint presentations on some articles and topics. All those work are done in groups. The presentations were also done in masses. Working with different group members in each and every task sometimes make things complicated. It is because we were confused as the tasks were queuing up and the members were reshuffled again and again. In fact, we all believe it should have been easier and simpler if we remained in the same group.

Nevertheless, the lesson to be learned was we should somehow be able to manage even if the instruction is troublesome. That is important as it could serve as an early test before all of us go out to teach and being put under people who holds the authority.

Now the semester is nearing an end. I am having a mixed feelings. Part of me is happy. The other side of me feel most of the things will be sorely missed. However, I will be relieved as all of us will leave all the past things behind and be focusing on what is coming next.