Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Audio editing week.

I very much look forward to this week as I'll seriously get involved in audio editing. Not to say that i haven't involved in seriously before. There were a couple of times I did audio editing. However, I couldn't remember the experience already. Basically, I just did a simple editing like cutting the song clip.

This time it will a real experience editing audio. I hope to master every skill that any audio editing software has to offer. First I need to look up for any free software. Then only I can work on that.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boboy Learnt His Lesson_on e-book

I would like to share with readers out there of how e-book can be created by using Microsoft Powerpoint. Basically, it is about using still pictures to create an electronic storybook. However, we can still manipulate every animation function that the software has to offer. As this was done in a hurry, therefore the quality might not be so good.

These are snippets of the actual one..I'll upload the completed story in my Skydrive soon. Be sure to leave comments in order for me to learn and improve.

p/s-here's the link to the actual e-book. The title of the story is: Boboy Learnt His Lesson

Monday, August 17, 2009


The lesson continues with another module. This time it was about developing e-book for learning. Obviously, it should be educational as it is specially created to educate children. It also serves as a very interactive and interesting teaching aid for teachers in classroom.

Firstly, from my point of view, e-book is of course an electronic book which is created using any computer software to show a story be it fairytales, folktales, fables and etc. There are various softwares availble and suitable to create an e-book. One can just even use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint! These two simplest and easiest softwares are there to be exploited. In simple words, it all depends on one's creativity.

However as requested, we should be developing our very own e-book by only using Microsoft Powerpoint. For me, I personally feel that I will be interesting as we are going to explore beyond what we have done so far with that particular software. Previously, creating slideshows is synonimously associated with Microsoft Powerpoint. But, now we will be go a little beyond by creating simple animation by just using that software. Interesting, isn't it?

Hopefully, I'll be able to have my own e-book soon. It'll be handy later in my teaching.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Digital Storytelling Workshop at MK2

On 12th August 2009, all of us attended Digital Storytelling Workshop which was organized by Master students of Instructional Technology. For a record, I have already met all of the facilitators even before the workshop was carried out. I was one of the ten chosen students to be facilitators. Thus, they carried out a mock workshop prior to the real one. the ten of us attended.

We were introduced with three new editing softwares which were very useful and interesting. No one was unimpressed, I bet. Those softwares are Photoscape; for photo editing, Audacity; for audio editing and Photostory; for creating slideshows. Frankly speaking, all softwares are new to me for I've never heard or seen before. So, I was quite anxious and eager to explore and also be tutored by the facilitators.

Monday, August 10, 2009

my slideshow using Photostory...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Progress continues...

As time passes by, the progress in the subject continues. Starting with Internet Skills, now we are learning photo editing. As Mdm Foziah had stressed it a couple of times that this particular ICT skill is very important for us as teachers in order to develop creative, interesting and interactive teaching aids.

I've been busy downloading free softwares for photo editing the previous week. Personally, I love editing photos especially adding effects. Since I'm still new with ICT, I haven't explored much. For photo editing, I've been trying Picasa a year ago. Frankly speaking, I've heard the software: Photoshop years ago. I even dreamt that one day I could have it one to edit photos and comics (b'cos I love to draw comics).

I finally got my hand on Photoshop and managed to explore it..though I just add minimal effect to my picture..I hope to do more with Photoshop later as I already have it in my PC..Plus, there are so many tutorials available in the net as well as Mdm Foziah's skydrive..thus, it'll be helpful for me and the rest too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My latest 3-D video..

watch and enjoy..this video is hand made.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the tale continues_animation

this is the sequel..
enjoy.. and leave comments...