Monday, July 27, 2009

What, why and how?

Couple of years back, there would be record-breakers. That boy achieved 11As in SPM. Then, he got beaten with that girl who got 12As. The record only lasted a year and it'd been broken by another girl who managed to get, the competition continues..only after this year, there'll be no more record-breakers. Top scorers will all be on equal terms as the Ministry of Education has limited the number of subjects taken by Form Five studets.

Many argue...While some agree to the extent that chances of furthering studies will be more open as there will be no preferences or favouritism on top scorers...not forgetting some are not bothered at all. They just think it's about time to change.

Mostly, these brilliant students ended up in oversea universities, doing good courses and eventually work in high income jobs. However, not all ended up in the "wonderland". The question is why these so-called excellent students never realize the expectations?

There are so many factors. Depending on the case. However, one cannot deny the fact that flying colours result in secondary school summative test does not guarantee the achiever a great future. It's about the personality, motivation and "study orientation" of individuals that guarantee them how well their future will be.

I'm more interested in elaborating the "study orientation". As Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence (1983) suggests, we differ in various intelligences. One might be spatial leaners, while others might possess interpersonal skill. (Other skills are intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, logical-mathematical, musical and bodily-kinaesthetic). However, when we are learning particularly in education institution, most of us are test or exam oriented. we might perceive the knowledge differently. But most of the time, our "study-orientation" is EXAMINATIONS. It's too "dangerous" to claim that this type of orientation is just a rubbish. It's because it's success-proven!

However, is this exam oriented learning is right after all? Should the learning be a preparation for life in the first place as stated in the National Philosophy of Education? Due to this issue, the government might probably scrapped the current summative tests. Those examinations are deemed as not relevant in today's context. Probably because the country has been producing a lot of book geniuses but not holistic individuals. That explains why albeit integration of technology in teaching, good infrastructures, wholesome curriculum, endless support from government in education, there are still thousands school dropouts and failures.

The government is adamant in tackling these issues before it becomes unfixable. That includes taking drastic measures. It's still not to late to fix the problem though it should have been done earlier.

p/s-education can improve our lives.