Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is where I belong.

This is where I belong. My coursemates and I were actually already enrolling in UM in 2007. As we all lived outside the main campus, we (or rather me for that matter) didn't really feel I belong to such a great university though once a while I did go there for some purposes.

At times, I I felt that we shouldn't have had our foundation and first two initial years at IPIK. Then, I thought it would just make us even more difficult when the time we really enroll in UM comes. But now, here I am. All my pre-assumptions were totally untrue. Infact, there were no problems at all when adapting to life in UM even though today is just the fourth day in the university.

Other than facing little difficulties especially in familiarizing the places, there were no other "significant" troubles. I had expected a tough life ahead. However, once I had attended all the lectures on schedule, I strongly felt that I could face the life in the varsity even when the tough gets going. Now I believe how vital the first 4 years of preparation in IPIK is for me in terms of getting me and other coursemates ready for varsity life. Whatever we have learned, studied and practiced in the institute really have completed us to be a matured student.

Now, I am confident that none of us is not ready for the new life in UM. Some might miss IPIK dearly, but none would not beg to differ with me. It's because UM is where we belong.