Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a new thing...

I believe this model is coined by Mishra and Kohler (2006). It is about an idea of how to relate technology in teaching. I never realize that in applying technology, there is such model that we can refer as a guide in order to integrate technology in teaching. Mishra and Kohler's model is called TPACK which is represented in an overlapping circles.

As I'm working on a video project, this model is actually an application of the theory. Let me explain how. Technological Knowledge in light purple circle represents the presentation in which will be in form of a video. Content Knowledge symbolizes the subject, materials and content of my video. As far as I'm concerned, my video content will be on language, to be more specific, social expressions. However, my content is derived based on the Pedagogical Knowledge. My Pedagogical Knowledge is one of the principle of integrating ICT in teaching by Brennan (2005). It is Learning through language.

Therefore, when all aspects are combined, it becomes the video! Nevertheless, it sounds quite easy. But I believe the doing will be not. That won't dampen my determination to do it though.