Friday, July 31, 2009

Blessing in disguise....

It was a blessing in disguise..
The server was down last week. Nothing much we could do about it. It had been two days with that problem in Um. We should have at least done the internet modules as many as we can. The following week will begin with another module which is one the my most anticipated module: Photo Editing!

I have installed few photoediting softwares namely, the latest one, Adobe Photoshop CS3, PhotoFX and the free Picasa. I've explored Picasa but the other two were just unmanageable for me. I tried to explore very hard. It proved just too difficult and quite complicated. Obviously I need tutorials. Not just any tutorial, but vivid tutorials of editing photos. Also, I just can't wait for next session for we'll be taught or tutored of editing photos.

Regarding last week's session, it wasn't a disappointing one for me. As we couldn't access the Internet, we still manage to do our assigned tasks. That's because creating Powerpoint presentation doesn't require us to be online. Thus, our lost time still filled with good cause. Therefore, it's a blessing in disguise.