Friday, July 31, 2009

Blessing in disguise....

It was a blessing in disguise..
The server was down last week. Nothing much we could do about it. It had been two days with that problem in Um. We should have at least done the internet modules as many as we can. The following week will begin with another module which is one the my most anticipated module: Photo Editing!

I have installed few photoediting softwares namely, the latest one, Adobe Photoshop CS3, PhotoFX and the free Picasa. I've explored Picasa but the other two were just unmanageable for me. I tried to explore very hard. It proved just too difficult and quite complicated. Obviously I need tutorials. Not just any tutorial, but vivid tutorials of editing photos. Also, I just can't wait for next session for we'll be taught or tutored of editing photos.

Regarding last week's session, it wasn't a disappointing one for me. As we couldn't access the Internet, we still manage to do our assigned tasks. That's because creating Powerpoint presentation doesn't require us to be online. Thus, our lost time still filled with good cause. Therefore, it's a blessing in disguise.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

dream car-edited with Picasa

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a tale of waiting_animation

newest video..hand made..

Monday, July 27, 2009

What, why and how?

Couple of years back, there would be record-breakers. That boy achieved 11As in SPM. Then, he got beaten with that girl who got 12As. The record only lasted a year and it'd been broken by another girl who managed to get, the competition continues..only after this year, there'll be no more record-breakers. Top scorers will all be on equal terms as the Ministry of Education has limited the number of subjects taken by Form Five studets.

Many argue...While some agree to the extent that chances of furthering studies will be more open as there will be no preferences or favouritism on top scorers...not forgetting some are not bothered at all. They just think it's about time to change.

Mostly, these brilliant students ended up in oversea universities, doing good courses and eventually work in high income jobs. However, not all ended up in the "wonderland". The question is why these so-called excellent students never realize the expectations?

There are so many factors. Depending on the case. However, one cannot deny the fact that flying colours result in secondary school summative test does not guarantee the achiever a great future. It's about the personality, motivation and "study orientation" of individuals that guarantee them how well their future will be.

I'm more interested in elaborating the "study orientation". As Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence (1983) suggests, we differ in various intelligences. One might be spatial leaners, while others might possess interpersonal skill. (Other skills are intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, logical-mathematical, musical and bodily-kinaesthetic). However, when we are learning particularly in education institution, most of us are test or exam oriented. we might perceive the knowledge differently. But most of the time, our "study-orientation" is EXAMINATIONS. It's too "dangerous" to claim that this type of orientation is just a rubbish. It's because it's success-proven!

However, is this exam oriented learning is right after all? Should the learning be a preparation for life in the first place as stated in the National Philosophy of Education? Due to this issue, the government might probably scrapped the current summative tests. Those examinations are deemed as not relevant in today's context. Probably because the country has been producing a lot of book geniuses but not holistic individuals. That explains why albeit integration of technology in teaching, good infrastructures, wholesome curriculum, endless support from government in education, there are still thousands school dropouts and failures.

The government is adamant in tackling these issues before it becomes unfixable. That includes taking drastic measures. It's still not to late to fix the problem though it should have been done earlier.

p/s-education can improve our lives.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

we are alike

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Friday, July 24, 2009

latest video-it's comic animation!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

another video from me..

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson's last song!

this is Jacko's last song..
never knew at all....
quite touched......
this is the lyric..

Give thanks to Allah,
for the moon and the stars

prays in all day full, what is and what was
take hold of your iman
dont givin to shaitan
oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allahu Ghefor Allahu Rahim Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,
hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone
whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Allah is Ghefor Allah is Rahim
Allah is the one who loves the Mohsinin,

he is a creator, he is a sustainer and he is the one who has power over all.

Give thanks to Allah,

for the moon and the stars

prays in all day full,
what is and what was
take hold of your iman

dont givin to shaitan

oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.

Allahu Ghefor Allahu Rahim
Allahu yuhibo el Mohsinin,

hua Khalikhone hua Razikhone
whahoa ala kolli sheiin khadir

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a new thing...

I believe this model is coined by Mishra and Kohler (2006). It is about an idea of how to relate technology in teaching. I never realize that in applying technology, there is such model that we can refer as a guide in order to integrate technology in teaching. Mishra and Kohler's model is called TPACK which is represented in an overlapping circles.

As I'm working on a video project, this model is actually an application of the theory. Let me explain how. Technological Knowledge in light purple circle represents the presentation in which will be in form of a video. Content Knowledge symbolizes the subject, materials and content of my video. As far as I'm concerned, my video content will be on language, to be more specific, social expressions. However, my content is derived based on the Pedagogical Knowledge. My Pedagogical Knowledge is one of the principle of integrating ICT in teaching by Brennan (2005). It is Learning through language.

Therefore, when all aspects are combined, it becomes the video! Nevertheless, it sounds quite easy. But I believe the doing will be not. That won't dampen my determination to do it though.

Monday, July 20, 2009

my mini studio...

this is where i blog, draw, make videos and even eat...

Friday, July 17, 2009

My sketches

Thursday, July 16, 2009

PL Video

watch here..
also on YouTube.......

third video from isaac....

this is my third...
part of learning and experimenting.....

these are the links..

if you go to YouTube, these are the links..

My maiden video on YOUTUBE!!!!!!

I'm so thrilled...
however, the quality is so bad as it's only a trial..
thus, wait for more videos with better quality...

Some more videos

Here are a couple of videos that could help you generating ideas...

Some videos that could help you...

As I have posted before, I have began my research on the video project..Now, I am only at the initial phase where I'm still generating ideas for my video...there have been more than dozen of ideas...
However, I'd like to share with you some videos that could help you finding ideas of how you should create your ideas..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worthwhile Skills..

I'm trying to write something different to my windows live space..perhaps, i should choose different topic..however, it's undeniable that the main ideas are about teaching, ICT, UM courses, and university life...
however, this time i'd like to talk about new skills I've waiting long enough to learn...purposely..Such skills are video making or movie making, filming, audio editing, slideshow presentation and animation...

I love to be creative and innovative. i love to draw..i love comics..i love cartoons..that's why i'd like to learn those skills. I believe that such skills and abilities would make me a wholesome person..ICT skills are more than worthwhile to be acquired..what more I'm going to be a teacher they say, teachers should be knowledgeable..
therefore, wait for my maiden short's in progress...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who has never been at least pinched by his/her teacher before? I bet none of us here have never been at least touched by his/her teacher. For those who used to be "rebellion" kids, you might have held a grudge against the teacher who did those things to you. To some, they might have just at least be mad at the teacher. Though you were guilty, by being scolded, reprimanded, pinched, caned or even worse, slapped, it just did not make things even better. What more when you had to bear the pain and humiliation in public.

Boys are statistically proven to be more likely to experience such punishments. It's because boys are naturally naughty and rebellious. I admit that this statement is arguable. Nevertheless, it does not really matter here as mistakes are always paid with punishment regardless of gender. Now ask yourself, do you hold the grudge forever? Did the punishment cost you your life? Are you handicapped just because of being slapped by your teacher? I believe no one will answer yes. Ever thought why? It's simply because as you have now become adults, you know that those experiences are part and parcel of being a child in school. Those punishments infact, have changed your life in a way that you view punishment positively.

It's true that punishment hurts physically and psychologically. That explains why we would quickly be mad at our teacher for reprimanding us. For a record, I wasn't a "rebellion" kid when I was in school. But I was slapped (very very hard) by my Bahasa Malaysia teacher when I was in Form 3. I had never ever caused her any trouble nor disrespected her. In truth, I was afraid to even look at her face! ( She was the most fierce female teacher in my secondary school). Plus, all my classmates then knew me for being the The Nice Boy. However one fateful day had slightly changed my title to not Not-So-Nice Boy. She called me to the front and asked why I didn't have her task sheet. I had lost it. The word "tak tahu" was in my mind then as a spare answer when she would ask where did I put it. However, due to extreme fear, I accidentally answered "entah" when she did question me. "Pang!" She slapped me on my right cheek. I was "hotly" frozen and the moment was suddenly stopped. My friends' jaws were dropping. Never in their wildest imagination that they would witness the so called Nice Boy being slapped for an accident answer on that day. Just imagine how embarrassed I was at that time. To cut short, I quickly threw away the anger and tried very hard to believe that I was guilty and rude and she wasn't. She satisfied her anger by kicking me out from the classroom. Added humiliation moment for me. However, I stayed cool while standing at the corridor. I knew that I was guilty. Even until now, I still feel that I was guilty. She was right to have slapped me. I took it as a psychologically painful lesson. Still, I never hold a grudge against her. She had all the right in the world to slap me because she was my teacher.

Now, the issue I am bringing forward is that what do you think if what had happened to me then, happens now, in one of the schools in Kuala Lumpur? I bet the teacher and the student will be in the news tomorrow morning. His parents will be coming to school the day after and the school together with Malaysian Government will be named as defendants in the court. Don't you think so? Why is this happening? Ever wonder why? Parents seem to have authority over how teachers in school should treat their children. They seem to limit what teacher can and cannot do to their children. Is this because they really love their children to the extent that a little harsh punishment would destroy their children's future? Or parents nowadays are well educated that they know just how to take care of their children. Teachers should just teach at school as it appears to be. Isn't that so?

We, as future teachers, are going to face this situation in near future. There will be time when you feel that children should be treated more than verbal warnings. Yet, when you feel like doing it, you'll be wondering what implications will come next. Therefore, ask yourself whether you want to be this unnecessary dilemma of the new modern world of education.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Give them time.

Who the heck is this guy?
a) A Wales Prince b) An Italian cosmetic founder c) A famous Russian philosopher d) An owner of Ford company

When was the first time I started teaching? I couldn't remember clearly when was it. Obviously, it might had happened more than a decade ago. I had even started holding chalks and writing on blackboard when I was just at 10. Back then, it was just a play. Famous philosophers such as Vygotsky and Piaget suggest, children, when they were probably at my age, were experiencing language and new experience through play.

Suspecting me of making things up? Read this-

"Through play the child develops abstract meaning separate from the objects in the world which is a critical feature in the development of higher mental functions"
(Wikipedia, retrieved on 11 July, 2009). Click on this link for more details-

My pure intention for digging up these never-been-told-before stories is that I would like to share with you of how destiny was already written on the walls even when we were still at a tender age. Knowing mostly nothing about what lies ahead of us.

As a "young teacher" back then, what I had in my mind was that my "pupils" would get something from me. Thus, I created pop-quiz so that their answers would be no difficult than yes or no. If they got it correctly, sweets were given as awards. Mind you, this is a true story. Today, when reflecting the memory, I knew this is the right path for me. I was destined to be a teacher.

Whether you are an affectionate teacher,

a caring teacher,

a strict teacher,

or a well-fed teacher,

you have to have a teaching philosophy. You don't have to purposely create it. It's inbuilt. Try to reflect what kind of teacher you are. Then, think of what you prefer and not prefer to do when teaching. Also, think of what are your expectations from your pupils. Finally, that sums up your teaching philosophy. Those questions were lingering in my mind when I was thinking of what my teaching philosophy is.

Up until today, I've been tutoring and teaching and giving tuition almost for two years. Initially, I started nervously and today I would relax-ly stand in front of students and teach even without preparing anything the day before. Of course there is still a long way to go. I will be entering the reality of education once I'm posted to school.

Undoubtedly, those short learning and experimenting experiences really have developed me into what kind of teacher I will be in future. As I gaining as much valuable teaching experience as I could, I learned a lot along the way. Classroom management, time management, children's different abilities, parents' expectations, balancing other responsibilities and many more are what I have been dealing all these years.

The most important thing I learned was that do not give too much pressure on ourselves. By all means, the expectations should be met. However, there shouldn't be added pressure. What I mean here is that always believe what you have thought, given that you have not left anything behind, is enough for your students. Give them some space, opportunities and time to expand their knowledge by themselves. Give everything you have got, and let the children to learn freely. Believe that they actually gain something from you, if not everything. That means, our responsibility which is to deliver, is done. Leave it all the rest to them.
This teaching philosophy is what I'll be holding on for the rest of my life.

The answer for above question is C! It's Lev Vygotsky!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Believe.

Dating back 5 years ago, when I was still in secondary school, to be exact in Form 5, I would have never imagined I could be where I am now. I am studying in a historic university, funded wholly by our generous government! Honestly, I didn't even think that I would make it into a university.

However,as years passed by, without realizing it, I have actually finished the first 4 years of my degree course. I owe this golden opportunity to my bestfriend's father. He was the one who had wanted me to apply for this course. If it were me, I bet I would have ended up in any private college, doing course I would have never imagined that I would be doing.

What surprised me the most is that my future profession is the most noble job in the world;a teacher. I loved acting as a teacher when I was little. My pupils then were my cousins, brother and sister. My grandfather would make me a blackboard and buy me a box of colourful chalks. (the blackboard was actually blue as it was painted with blue paint due to no black paint. It is not there anymore now.)However, when people asked me whether I wanted to be a teacher someday, I would quickly dismissed it. It had never came across my mind. (This was where the "teaching" took place.)

Nonetheless, I would not prefer to say I am backfired as I will be a teacher in a couple of years from now. I never hated to be one. Infact, I began to love it. Now, I believe that I am destined to be a teacher. Yes, I may have just lived for 22 years, but my short life has unfolded many great things. Today, my belief is where ever I am thrown, I am destined to make a good, if not great life there. That is my personal belief and philosophy. It has never been officially told, written and shared anywhere at anytime before!

Feel free...

Feel free to visit another blog from me. It is my unofficial and less academic blog. It somehow tells more about me from different perspective. You could find my other interest. You could even join me in my business. Feel free to visit and leave some comments, suggestions, ideas, anything on these two sites. I would be very glad.

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This is where I belong.

This is where I belong. My coursemates and I were actually already enrolling in UM in 2007. As we all lived outside the main campus, we (or rather me for that matter) didn't really feel I belong to such a great university though once a while I did go there for some purposes.

At times, I I felt that we shouldn't have had our foundation and first two initial years at IPIK. Then, I thought it would just make us even more difficult when the time we really enroll in UM comes. But now, here I am. All my pre-assumptions were totally untrue. Infact, there were no problems at all when adapting to life in UM even though today is just the fourth day in the university.

Other than facing little difficulties especially in familiarizing the places, there were no other "significant" troubles. I had expected a tough life ahead. However, once I had attended all the lectures on schedule, I strongly felt that I could face the life in the varsity even when the tough gets going. Now I believe how vital the first 4 years of preparation in IPIK is for me in terms of getting me and other coursemates ready for varsity life. Whatever we have learned, studied and practiced in the institute really have completed us to be a matured student.

Now, I am confident that none of us is not ready for the new life in UM. Some might miss IPIK dearly, but none would not beg to differ with me. It's because UM is where we belong.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looking forward to new challenges..

I'm really looking forward to new challenges in a new environment. Though it's actually third year already in UM but it feels as if we are in the first semester, first year! However, it's just very easy to adapt and settle down quickly as I believe tertiary education is just similiar anywhere. What I mean is the environment. My hope starting from this semester is that I am determined to upgrade my pointers.